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on the petaluma river. good morning. it's tuesday, the 7th of september. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 5:00. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. you have to get out the door and after this long holiday weekend, come on, you can do it elizabeth, good morning. >> i know, good morning, guys. yeah. we're off to a rough start. we have a couple of things going on. heading out of downtown san jose, first reported northbound 280 at ray street, a car hit some sand barrels, debris on the road. chp just changed the location slightly to it may be reported southbound 280 near bird. so we're continuing to watch this area. we'll give you an exact location here coming up. in the meantime, traffic heading out of downtown san jose so far looks okay approaching the 880 interchange. fire crews are working a small grassfire in san rafael. we'll have more details on that coming up. in the meantime, here is lawrence with a quick forecast check. >> folks, i hope you enjoyed yesterday. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. that summer heat shopping up today much cooler temperatures
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outside -- that summer heat showing up today, much cooler temperatures outside. what a change we'll be in for, maybe 10, 15 degrees cooler today, over the next few days temperatures likely to drop a good 30 degrees from yesterday's highs. what can we expect after that? it will be interesting. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. a man is going to be in court today. anne makovec is in oakland, where andrew barrientos is scheduled to be arraigned. anne, good morning. >> reporter: he was caught a little over a week and a half ago, police believe he was trying to cross the border. instead he is here at the alameda county courthouse. andrew barrientos was flown back to the bay area thursday from san diego. todd young a 39-year-old officer from fremont was seriously wounded trying to serve barrientos with a warrant in oakland. young remains in the hospital.
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barrientos is charge with 10 felonies, including attempted murder. he could face life in prison if he is convicted. now, the one positive that's come out of all of this is a huge outpouring of community support that's led to a 50% increase in blood donations over the past week and a half according to red cross. officer young needed several transfusions during surgeries on his stomach and bladder and people all over the bay area have been lining up to replenish the supplies. in fact, four east bay centers were open on labor day to accommodate those volunteers. there's going to be another blood drive today in honor of officer young at the santa rosa police department between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. that address is 965 sonoma avenue. if you go out and donate blood, it's not necessarily obviously going to go to officer young. it is in honor of officer young and i could only imagine he would be very proud to know that -- i don't know if you remember the red cross had
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actually declared a blood shortage on august 23 and they have now been able to say that that is over because of this huge outpouring of support. >> thank you, anne makovec in oakland. all he had was suction cups and an american flag. dan goodwin climbed the millennium tower in san francisco on the outside 58 stories straight up a glass building. why? the answer was in a press release left on the ground. it said he wanted to raise awareness about cancer and about the threat of terrorism. the millennium tower is a luxury condo building. goodwin, who had overcome cancer, he says, received two minor misdemeanor skycasion. he says he will climb again but wouldn't say where. volunteers and police will be out at the pittsburg landfill looking for clues in
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the disappearance of a hercules man. a fourth straight day of searching yesterday turned up nothing. 35-year-old frederick sales hasn't been seen since his fare was found murdered. efren valdemoro is suspected of killing the elder sales and two women. he was killed by police after a high-speed chase. two men working to recycle an old tugboat are being blamed for an oil spill in the petaluma river. as much as 600 gallons of oil spilled out. booms were set out to control an oil sheen that covered two miles of the petaluma river near downtown. boat traffic was halted because of the spill. >> there was still what appears to be bunker oil inside the boat so they cut through the hull, let the bunker oil out into the water and that's where the release is from. it's unbelievable. >> fire crews say they have contained most of the oil. the two men who scrapped the
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boat now have to hire a private company at their own expense to clean it up. they could also face criminal charges. former hewlett-packard ceo ceo mark hurd has a new gig at oracle the co-president and a member of the board and will report directly to ceo larry ellison. hurd resigned with a multi- million dollar golden parachute from hp in the wake of the sexual harassment investigation. ellison came to his defense at the time. charles phillips resigned yesterday. a quick check on traffic and weather. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning. the off-ramp is block down southbound 280 in downtown san jose. don't get off at bird. crews are blocking it. there was an accident involving a car struck sand barrels. debris on the stretch of road as well. not seeing a lot of yellow on our sensors yet but expect a delay traffic heading out of downtown san jose. hard to tell you about that's northbound traffic. also in san rafael, on
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southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake fire crews are now out there trying to put out a small brush fire. it's just off to the side of the freeway but it is visible coming down southbound 101. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> i hope you liked that sunshine yesterday, elizabeth, because things changing rapidly around the bay area today. we'll see sunshine in spots. got some clear skies inland right now but couple of patches of fog have already crept in along the coast and started to move inside the bay, temperatures in the 50s and 60s but that's not the big story. the big story is the temperatures by the afternoon. yesterday, we moved well into the 90s inland. today we struggle to get up into the 80s in the warmest inland spots. still lots of sunshine there but the winds will kick up a bit, 60s and 70s inside the bay, sunny by the afternoon, cooler. at the coast, low clouds and fog, breezy conditions, a beginning of some much cooler weather, guys. hard to believe the end of summer will feel like it around the bay area today. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 5:06.
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coming up next, tropical storm hermine comes ashore in texas. the problems that can be expected. also, dozens of homes destroyed in a wildfire that's burning out of control near boulder, colorado. >> and a sacramento teenager stuck and rescued from the rushing waters of the kern river. ,,,,,,
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what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kellogg's rice krispies treats. trouble-free across the golden gate bridge. fire crews are working a brush fire on southbound 101 off to the shoulder. we'll have details coming up in 6 minutes in your full traffic report. this is video of a san jose teenager being rescued after being swept away by a strong
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river current. the 19-year-old was with friends in the kern river when the water overtook him on saturday. he got stuck on a rock. rescue crews tried to reach him by boat but got him out with a helicopter. an ambulance was waiting for him when he reached land but he refused medical attention. dozens of homes destroyed as a wildfire burns out of control in colorado. the wind driven flames have forced people to evacuate 1,000 homes in a canyon northwest of boulder. the fire began yesterday and quickly spread across 5.5 square miles. crews have managed though to save the historic town of gold hill which includes some old stagecoach stops. so far no reports of injuries. some people, though, tried to sneak back to their threatened homes with mixed results. >> i'll be back down here in 20 minutes. my dog's in that house and i'm not going to let my dog burn. >> i got my dog, all my clothes, basically all the stuff in my room.
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>> cause still unclear. it's being fueled by dead pine trees. the red cross set up an evacuation center at the university of colorado. another major storm is threatening the u.s. this time south texas is in its path. the national hurricane center says the center of tropical storm hermine has crossed the rio grande. it's about 10 miles southwest of harlinjen. top winds 60 miles an hour. but it's the rain that's causing the most concern up to 8" can be expected in much of south texas with as much as a foot in some isolated areas. tropical storm warning in effect from san fernando, mexico, north to port o'connor, texas. a common phrase or bart trains, these days might be what? >> a "san francisco chronicle" reporter surveyed all 208 miles of the bart rails with a sound level meter. he found noise level 90
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decibels or louder at 23 locations. our question of the day, do you think it's too noisy on bart train trains? send us your answers at sometimes it gets a little loud. we're also on facebook and twitter. coming up, who will benefit most when companies start hiring again? >> and it was so nice around the bay area yesterday, big- time changes in the forecast for today. details coming up. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car
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north bay san rafael coming down southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake fire crews have the right lane blocked. they are working a small brush fire. it's off to the shoulder. sounds like it's mostly contained. but they are still out there trying to clean up some of the mess. no impact on traffic according to our chp reports. just because it is still so early and traffic so light in the area, a time when they are hopefully going to be able to re-open the right lane closer to 5:30 so hopefully in the next 15 minutes or so in the meantime, if you are commuting towards mill valley and towards the golden gate bridge, traffic
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is nice and light. really actually all across the span heading into san francisco. our other problem spot in the south bay now, coming through downtown san jose, the bird street off-ramp to northbound 280 completely blocked. a car took out a bunch of sand barrels. chp is saying about 10 sand barrels were either damaged or destroyed and now an ambulance is actually heading to the scene for possible injuries. right now, again, we're not seeing any delay on any sensors. a couple of headlights making their way toward the 880 interchange out of downtown inside. good day to use mass transit. everything is on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's for the very latest traffic information once you hit the road. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> you're talking about a couple of hot spots in the bay area, elizabeth, don't think we'll see those weather-wise as a major cooldown is beginning outside. low clouds and fog have moved
5:17 am
in along the coastline, still clear inland. couple of patches of fog making their way inside the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s not too bad. but by the afternoon, we'll see major changes outside. plan on 70s, maybe some low 80s if the warmest spots inland today. far cry from yesterday's 90. 60s and 70s inside the bay and cool and breezy at the coast with that patchy fog. so the temperatures taking a major hit today. yesterday, it was 95 in livermore, 93 in san jose, 91 in san rafael and 84 in san francisco. much cooler. 18 degrees cooler. 16 degrees cooler in san jose 5797. 19 degrees cooler in san rafael at 72. san jose at 77. san francisco 63. we are seeing more of an onshore breeze today and much cooler temperatures expected all around the bay area. the beaches yesterday we had some sunshine there. today only 60s with that patchy fog inside the bay. you are going to see 70s and
5:18 am
morgan hill one of the warmer spots generally only about 77. 82 brentwood, 81 antioch, the hotter spots. 70s in the tri-valley and toward dublin. 60s towards alameda and oakland. north bay 60s and 70s. still plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and comfortable in most spots inland but the winds will be blowing in through the golden gate and that will keep those temperatures cooler inside the bay. the numbers will continue to take a tumble toward wednesday. temperatures struggle to get into the low 70s by wednesday so temperatures well below average warming up slightly on thursday and friday. toward the weekend maybe taking a hit once again. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, volunteers and police will be at it again searching that landfill in pittsburg. they are looking for clues in the disappearance of a hercules man who may be the fifth victim in the east bay murder spree. four days of searching have
5:19 am
turned up nothing. a tahoe man will be in court next month for climbing a 60 story millennium tower in san francisco. why did dan goodwin climb the tower? he says he was raising awareness about terrorism and cancer. hundreds of gallons of oil spilled into the petaluma river from a boat being dismantled near downtown petaluma. booms were set out to contain the oil slick to a two-mile stretch of the river. the men dismantling that boat could face criminal charges. economists are warning that when companies begin hiring freely again they are going to be most interested in people with socialized skills in education. as for everyone else, they may have to accept low paying jobs. middle managers may have the toughest going of all. it's estimated that more than 8 million jobs lost during this recession may not be restored in 2014. retailers stocking up on
5:20 am
devices designed to get most out of household products without the waste, called cheapskates gadgets. there is apparently a run on them. people trying to squeeze out the last little blob of toothpaste and soap. it shows how product makers are trying to get people back in the spending handle the. they hope products will have have more and save less. >> do you squeeze the toothbrush? >> i do, when the soap in the shower gets down to a sliver i just put it next to the basic so i keep all of them. >> you have a collection? >> i have do have a collection. probably 7 or 8. i hate to throw them away, perfectly good soap. >> 20 right now for me. >> this is more than you really wanted to know, right? [ laughter ] tell you why las vegas police are defending the quick release of paris hilton following her arrest for
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temperatures much cooler though today. 66 alameda, about 81 in antioch one of the warmer spots around the bay area. bubble bath. somebody apparently decided to have fun yesterday dumping soap into the tortoise fountain at huntington park in san francisco. >> see all those little slivers of soap they have been saving up. the wore the water flowed, the bigger the bubble. the fountain was cleaner at the end of day. police in las vegas are defending the quick release of paris hilton last month, august 27 on suspicion of cocaine possession. now police confirm that hilton was processed and out of jail in about three hours. that is roughly half the time it usually takes for people facing the same charge. then again i would imagine they probably had all her paperwork. uhm, no. police also placed her in a separate room from previous incidents. >> maybe they wanted to get her out of jail, she was a
5:25 am
nuisance. >> they say celebrities draw unwanted attention from the media and other inmates. a man in colombia is now recognized as being the shortest adult male in the world. the guinness book of world records announced the title yesterday. 4-year-old edward hernandez just 27.5" tall. his family calls him nino which is child in spanish. nino. he lives in bogota with his parents and four brothers and they all work together making pajamas. step right this way! the sluggish economy has not slowed down the jerry lewis telethon. ♪ [ music ] the final total, nearly $59
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million. it's down slightly from the 60.5 million last year. 2008, $65 million were raised. the telethon aired on 170 tv stations. >> how many years has that been going on? >> i don't know. we'll look it up. it is 5:26. coming up in the next half hour the new proposal that could force some families with small children to take to the roads instead of flying. >> where governor schwarzenegger is going this week to promote california products and bring in billions in business. an accused gang member is set to face the music for allegedly shooting a police officer. there is a silver lining in all this though. talk about it coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ view of the bay bridge from high atop world headquarters of cbs 5 at battery and broadway. >> and lawrence called it. we have a major cooldown in store like it's already fall. i don't know where summer went. it's over. >> we never had it. >> good morning. tuesday, the 7th of september. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. the shooting of a fremont police officer has boosted blood donation in the east bay. that officer still in serious condition this morning. his accused shooter has a date to see a judge today. anne makovec is in oakland,
5:30 am
where suspect will be arraigned. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. 20-year-old andrew barrientos is going to be arraigned today this afternoon, in alameda county court here behind me. here's a picture of him in the back seat of a cop car down in san diego where he was caught just north of the mexican border according to police. he is 20 years old, an accused gang member. police say he admitted to shooting officer todd young late last month as young was trying to serve a warrant on him in oakland. but andrew barrientos said he didn't know he was a police officer. todd young has undergone several surgeries so far but that's where the one silver lining in this case comes in. so many people in the bay area were moved to donate blood. there was a blood drive last week in santa clara high school
5:31 am
where young's wife works and his two kids go to school. there will be a blood drive at santa rosa police department from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 965 sonoma avenue. so red cross is asking people to donate in young's name but that doesn't mean that your blood will necessarily go to officer young but they are very happy to have their supplies replenished at a time year when they are often very low. >> anne, thank you. anne makovec in oakland. oakland police are investigate it would go double shootings. in each case a man and woman rushed to. who the first happened early yesterday afternoon on the city's east side. the second was 11:00 a.m. last night in west oakland. it was near the intersection of west and 36th streets. there is no indication of any suspects in either case. and no word on the victims' conditions. a tahoe man's labor day
5:32 am
stunt lands him in court. the 54-year-old climbed the millennium tower in san francisco on the outside, 58 stories straight up a glass building. he said he wanted to raise awareness about cancer and terrorism. >> i just felt like it was my moral obligation to do something about it because i feel that our country is vulnerable to another aak and that's why i climbed. i'm not a terrorist. don't worry about me. i'm not going to commit suicide. this is about something much higher than that. doing it for all the cancer survivors out there all the people fighting for cancer. i wanted to be the rallying call. >> the millennium tower is a luxury condo building. goodwin received two misdemeanor citations. he says he will climb again but he wouldn't say where. today volunteers and police will be back out at the pittsburg landfill looking for clues in the disappearance of a man from hercules. a fourth straight day of
5:33 am
searching that landfill yesterday turned up nothing. 35-year-old frederick sales hasn't been seen since his father was found murdered. efren valdemoro is suspected of killing the elder sales, valdemoro's girlfriend and two vallejo women. police killed him after a high- speed chase. 5:33. >> let's get another check of traffic and weather. elizabeth, a lot of people heading back to work. over in europe, they have this huge traffic delays, big strikes and stuff? so no one is going anywhere. but what about us? >> let's see. we have a small brush fire. how about that. it's a breaking situation in san rafael. chp says for the most part that fire is out. they are still out there, fire crews blocking the right lane. we are talking about this area right here southbound 101 just as you approach sir francis drake. again, eto for that area about 10 minutes but earlier the fire
5:34 am
was reported just after 4:00. it was threatening homes. but now it's mostly out, just a little smoke visible from the freeway. off-ramp closed in san jose northbound 280 approaching bird avenue where a car took out about 10 sand barrels so debris was scattered all over the roadway. never caused a huge delay. bay bridge toll plaza quiet. a lot of people going back to work today after a long holiday weekend. so so far, so good for your commute into the city. lawrence has your forecast. >> we have major changes in the weather around the bay area today, elizabeth. of course, yesterday just spectacular all the way to the coastline. today though temperatures taking a dive. warmest spots only in the low 80s inland even in pleasanton about 78 degrees. plenty of sunshine in the valleys. you notice the winds kicking
5:35 am
up and the fog gathering at the coast and beaches. highs there near 70 yesterday. only in the 60s with that patchy fog. now, the next couple of days the temperatures will continue to plummet. it's going to head well below normal toward tomorrow. those temperatures will struggle to get into the low 70s with partly cloudy skies. by thursday and friday looks like temperatures warm up but then another trough moves in come saturday and sunday to help cool down the temperatures again. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. the future of the three schools in richmond could be decided tonight. the richmond city council will discuss the possible closures of kennedy high school and grant and olinda elementary schools. they are asked to keep the schools open through the next two years and there is a proposal to have city staff work with the west contra costa unified school district to save the schools permanently. governor schwarzenegger will lead a delegation on a trade mission to asia this week. it's a six-day trip to japan, south korea and klein. it aims to promote california
5:36 am
products and secure more business for companies in the state. the governor plans to ride high-speed rail systems in all three countries and visit a company making parts for the bay bridge project. they will leave thursday. jerry brown's quiet run for governor starting to make some noise. the democrat's campaign finally starting to air ads on television yesterday. it touts his record as governor in the late 1970s and early '80s. >> as governor he cut waste, got rid of the mansion and limo, budgets were balanced, $4 billion in tax cuts, world class schools and universities, clean energy pro mode, 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. >> brown's republican challenger meg whitman has been airing ads for months. many criticizing brown's record as governor before. the brown's strategy is to save most campaign spending for the final weeks before the november election. his campaign war chest is much smaller than whitman's, who contributed millions of her
5:37 am
own money. president obama expected to call for new tax breaks. this morning an anonymous white house source says they would allow businesses to write off 100% of their new capital investments through next year. this all comes after the president announced a new job creation proposal yesterday. it calls for $50 billion investment in the nation's transportation infrastructure to create jobs building highways, railways and airport runways. the president says the money would come from closing tax breaks for oil and gas production and multinational corporations. >> will not only create jobs immediately, it's also going to make our economy hum over the long haul. >> there isn't a lot that can be done that would make a meaningful difference to the job market, certainly not in the near term, not over the next six to nine months. >> republicans are painting the president's plan as another case of government wasting money. house republican leader john boehner says democrats are on
5:38 am
an out-of-control spending spree. it's 5:37. dozens of homes destroyed as a wildfire burns out of control in colorado. the wind-driven flames forced people to evacuate 1,000 homes in a canyon northwest of boulder. that fire began yesterday and spread across 5.5 square miles quickly. crews saved the historic town of gold hill, which includes some old stagecoach stops. so far, no reports of any injuries. some people tried to get back to their threatened homes. they had mixed results. >> i'll be back down here in 20 minutes. my dog's in that house. and i'm not going to let my dog burn. >> i got my dog, all my clothes, basically all the stuff in my room. >> the cause still unclear. a local fire marshal says the flames are being fueled by dry pine trees left dead or dying by drought, disease and beetle infestations. the red cross has set up an evacuation center at the university of colorado. another big-time storm
5:39 am
threatening the u.s., this time south texas is in its path. the national hurricane center says the center of tropical storm hermine has crossed the rio grande. it's about 10 miles southwest of harlingen. top winds 60 miles an hour. but the rain is causing most of the concern, up to 8" can be expected in much of south texas with as much as a foot in some isolated areas. a tropical storm warning is in effect from san fernando, mexico, north to port o'connor, texas. 5:39. transportation safety experts are reviving a debate over infants and toddlers who travel by air. they are pointing to last year's crash of a 10-seat plane that killed 7 adults and 7 children in butte, montana. the national transportation safety board wants a requirement that children under the age of 2 be in their own seats and restrained. board members say it's a hazard when babies and toddlers sit on adults laps. the decision is up to the federal aviation administration.
5:40 am
and that former jetblue flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger and then sliding down an emergency chute with the beer in hand, he is due in court today. that is steven slater. he will appear in a new york courtroom for a routine hearing on criminal mischief charges. and he is also charged with recklessening dangerment and trespass. last month's incident happened on a plane that had just landed at kennedy airport. his lawyer blames his client's behavior on a passenger's "lack of civility." it's harder than usual to get around france today. there are nationwide strikes and demonstrations to protest president sarkozy's plans to raise france's retirement age from 60 to 62. there are delays for trains and other public transport. airlines have been asked to cut their flights. many people have taken the day off to avoid the gridlock. parliament is debating a plan to overhaul france's money- losing pension system. >> that's not the only strike. over in london, the whole subway, the tube system there,
5:41 am
is shut down again because of a strike. >> same type of deal? >> yes. 5:40. >> an 11-year-old mauled by a sea lion. >> wasn't a big deal. i couldn't feel it. >> he's okay. he also has a theory on why the sea lion may have snapped. also ahead, the idea to use sewer and storm runoff to water 1,000 acres of land in the bay area. so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred.
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the switch begins at you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured.
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protect your loved ones. an earlier brush fire in san rafael, southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake, the marin county sheriff's office says they are likely going to be out there until 6:00 a.m. so for another 15 minutes or so blocking the right lane. as you can see from our sensors
5:44 am
we don't have a huge traffic impact from this. but it is a visual distraction out of san rafael. the sheriff's department says it started on a hillside behind the sound wall. no structure damage and right now again they are just mopping up the scene. new accident reported near the dublin interchange. this is westbound 580 approaching 680. no lanes are blocked but there is a little slow traffic towards the dublin grade. san mateo bridge looking great. this is the commute direction, westbound 92 towards foster city and the peninsula. and your drive time still holding steady there around 16 minutes from 880 towards 101. eastbound traffic looks great as well coming off of the high- rise. and across the golden gate bridge, no problems through marin. at least once you reach the waldo grade towards the golden gate bridge and into san francisco. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, cooler
5:45 am
forecast, here's lawrence. >> much cooler around the bay area today, elizabeth. we had that hot sunshine showing up yesterday big change in the wind direction, winds more onshore bringing with it that cool air off the ocean waters carrying low clouds and fog, something we'll see more of around the bay area today. it looks like fog already encroaching along the coastline. some of that slipping inside the bay. still clear in many spots inland. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. by this afternoon, it will be pleasant in spots, much cooler. 70s and 80s interior, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 50s and low 60s at the coast. a big drop in temperatures around the bay area from yesterday's highs. remember in livermore yesterday 95 degrees. 93 in san jose. 91 san rafael. 84 san francisco. by this afternoon that sea breeze will cool those temperatures way down. 18 degrees cooler in livermore at 77. 16 degrees cooler in san jose at 77. a good 19 degrees cooler at 72 in san rafael.
5:46 am
and check out san francisco, 21 degrees cooler checking in at 63 degrees. so a big change in the weather around the bay area. looks like it will continue not only here but at the coast. you will see that patchy fog continuing all day long inside the bay we'll sneak some sunshine in but temperatures much more mild than what we had yesterday. those hot spots yesterday in the 90s, they will still be nice. inland 70s and low 80s interior valleys and inside the bay a good sea breeze is going to keep the temperatures down here so expect some much cooler numbers into oakland and alameda and also into berkeley. towards the north coast you will still see 70s interior, as much as 80 in fairfield but the winds will whip up and they will be blowing pretty good through vallejo keeping numbers down into the low 70s and also low 70s in benicia. the next couple of days, temperatures continue to drop becoming partly cloudy as a trough of low pressure dives in for today and tomorrow. temperatures moderate and begin to warm up a little toward thursday and friday before coming down a bit to start out the first part of your weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you.
5:47 am
>> thank you. in the headlines, the man who climbed the outside of a skyscraper in san francisco yesterday says he did it to raise awareness about a couple of issues. one is cancer. the other is a threat terrorism poses to america. he received two misdemeanor citation. former hewlett-packard ceo mark hurd signed on to work at oracle. he will be the software company's co-president and report to larry ellison. hurd resigned from hp in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation. he did not violate company policies. a wildfire in boulder, colorado, the fire began yesterday and quickly spread across 5.5 square miles. so far no reports of injuries. today san francisco's water utility is going to unveil a proposal to build the city's
5:48 am
first large-scale water recycling project. it's $152 million facility. it would be near ocean beach and would filter two million gallons of sewer and stormwater each day. that would be used at the golden gate park. the presidio golf course and lincoln park as well. the proposal is an effort to reduce the city's reliance on the hetch hetchy reservoir in the sierra nevada. an 11-year-old australian boy kept his cool after being mauled by a sea line at a zoo. charlie d'agata on why the boy thinks the animal attacks reporter: it was just another day at the office for a sea lion performing at a zoo in sydney, australia. until the happy flipper flipped out. seconds after the photo was snapped, so did the sea lion. it mauled the 11-year-old's stomach and back. there were screams from the crowd. one woman fainted but jack kept
5:49 am
cool. >> it wasn't a big deal because i couldn't feel it. my sister was crying. i don't know why. >> reporter: jack thinks he knows the reason. >> the seal sneezed on me. it had fish guts all over me. and i think it smelled the fish and wanted to eat me. >> reporter: zookeepers rushed to rescue jack. they still don't know what got into the sea lion. >> the zeal involved has been in our care for eight years. she was an orphan stranded seal from south australia. we have hand raised her. it was completely out of character. >> reporter: she is still doing her thing at the zoo but no more getting up close and personal with fans until further notice. jack should make a full recovery and he has some advice. >> don't get sneezed on by seals. >> reporter: not only do you get covered in fish gut, you just might be mistaken for lunch. charlie d'agata, cbs news. 5:49.
5:50 am
coming up, the winner at the box office for the last weekend of the summer season. >> and we got our first pumpkin chuckin contest and there is a new world record. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. number one for the labor day weekend. george clooney has another hit movie on his resume'. >> the american was number one for the labor day weekend. >> hello? it's jack. >> he plays hate man who is trying to lay low in italy
5:53 am
before finishing one final job. the american opened on wednesday. it took in more than $16 million. bomb over the long holiday weekend. it apparently appealed to older audiences. >> they say the younger crowds went to the number two film machete. takers also came in a close third. the last exorcism and going the distance round out the top five films of the weekend. who in the world can hurl a pumpkin the farthest? that was the question on the line in belgium. it's only september and people got their homemade catapults ready and threw them as far as they could the winner broke the record hurling a pumpkin more than 2300 feet. >> wow. >> top competitors got their pumpkins moving at speeds up to
5:54 am
250 miles an hour. common phrase or bart these days, "what??? ." >> ." >> a "san francisco chronicle" reporter surveyed all 208 miles of the bart rails. had a sound level meter with him and found that noise levels of 90 decibels or louder at 23 locations. >> and 90 decibels is sort of like the sound of a hairdryer or lawnmower. >> okay. >> so we went out and asked bart riders our question of the day. do you think it's too noisy on the bart trains? >> i feel like if you have your ipod in sometimes it's hard to listen. you have to turn it all the way up. when it comes to the final stop it's blasting and you can't hear what station you're at. >> in some places it's almost ear shattering so i have to wear ear plugs all the time. some place just unbearable. so you really do have to have
5:55 am
some type of hearing protection. >> what?? our viewers also weighed in on twitter: on .. todd writes... in all caps... ohhhhh... yes, it is! we're also on facebook and twitter. 5:55. hello. >> hi. >> welcome back. >> thank you. all rested from my long holiday weekend. >> hit the wineries over the weekend, didn't you? >> i did. this is an off camera discussion, john. [ laughter ] >> right... if it needs to be. >> what did elizabeth do all weekend? it was fun. we have been following in marin county this brush fire on southbound 101 that was visible from the freeway as you head towards sir francis drake and with us on the phone now is the
5:56 am
battalion chief with the san rafael fire department. thank you so much for joinings. sounds like the fire is mostly out right now? >> yes. the fire is out. we are just wrapping up our operations. the only unit on the scene is myself and a pg&e worker on the scene. we believe the fire started around a power pole with some lines down. so that's all that's left on the scene right now. >> all right. were homes ever threatened in the area? >> there was some homes above the fire, about 100 feet away. so they potentially could have been but we had a fire engine at the top of the hill that did attack the fire from that end. >> okay. thank you, chief rowan, so much for joining us on the phone this morning. as he just said it sounds like crews are about to head out of the scene. right now blocking the right lane. we are seeing a small traffic impact according to our sensors but hopefully once actually leave the dur won't find any huge delays as you head out of san rafael and a quick look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is flowing great into san francisco. that's your traffic.
5:57 am
here's lawrence with your cooler forecast. beautiful yesterday. >> in napa wasn't that where you were at? >> that was saturday. >> you don't want to talk about it. [ laughter ] >> it was hot. >> folks, we have a major cooldown in effect. those hot temperatures around the bay area yesterday, the numbers really taking a dive out there today and tomorrow. i think some places struggling to get into the low 70s by wednesday with some partly cloudy skies. warming up a bit come thursday and friday. but next weekend cooling those temperatures back down again. how about a picture for you. valley view, this is called kicking taken from mt. hamilton and i think a lot of folks were kicking around the bay area yesterday. today a different story, low clouds and fog and cooler weather. >> pull those sweaters out today. >> mm-hm. >> thank you. it's 5:57. coming up next, the fate of three west contra costa schools -- contra costa county schools now in the hands of the city council. >> the crucial vote tonight and why those closures are being considered. and from the mexico border
5:58 am
back to the bay, an accused attempted cop killer due in court this morning. there is a silver lining to this story, though. we'll tell you about it coming up. ,, ,, [ sighs ] morning! mor-ning? i'm your genie. you're wishing for a deliciously, nutritious fiber cereal. i am. well, you don't want that one. new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. the delicious taste of berries, plus yogurty clusters, plus 40% of your daily fiber... plus wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes.
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mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. positively delicious.

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